4 business website mistakes

Written by Nim Joshi

Aug 25, 2019

August 25, 2019

Common mistakes of SMALL BUSINESSES

Whatever your type of business, a start-up hair salon, a free-lance photography studio, or a house-remodeling company, a professional website will be your most vital marketing tool. Your professional website will attract new customers and will encourage the retention of existing customers.

1. I can do it myself!

Some web companies promote low cost “all in- one” website packages. Some even offer free “build it yourself” websites. Called the “drag and drop” website, they are not user-friendly. The result is a cheap-looking, unprofessional website.

2. Anybody, my friend, my daughter, or even my brother- in- law, can build my business a website.

Are you sure this is true? Just because you know someone who has done some projects on their computer, does not mean he or she can design a professional website. Whether your website is a “do it yourself” project or a website done by a non-professional, you will end up with the same result. You will have an inadequate webpage with too much downtime, which will result in the loss of potential sales and clients.

3. I can’t afford a professionally made website.

The majority of large design firms charge hefty fees for their services. You need a small website firm with two or three highly skilled employees. A small firm with low overhead costs will present you with a lower price and prompt service.

4. How do I go about finding a suitable website company or my small business?

First, check for local web design firms. Then check their websites and contact companies that they have serviced. Speak directly to these companies to ascertain the competence of the design firm. When you have narrowed down your design firm selection, inquire of them as to:

Initial costs (Design firm that works within your budget?)
Additional fees for services like web-hosting, logos, custom graphics, SEO, images, and photography
Adaptability to other devices as tablets and smartphones
Browser compatibility

Updating the site for CMS ( content management systems) at regular intervals

Your finished website should prove to be an essential component leading to the preeminent success of your SMALL BUSINESS.

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