5 Stunning Website Design Trends That Are Boosting Conversions

Written by Nim Joshi

Jan 20, 2022
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Learn about Five Website Design Trends that are Boosting Conversions

Are you looking to increase your website engagement and conversion rates?

With 28% of small businesses not having a website, having one puts you ahead. Having a business website, however, is only the bare minimum.

You need to maximize your website by following the latest website design trends. Continue reading below for five stunning trends to help boost your site traffic.

website design trends

1. Simple is Stunning

As much as you want to put everything on a web page, simplicity will do more wonders for your website. Generate more conversions by encouraging users to probe deeper into your website. Fewer words, vivid images, and straightforward calls to action will benefit your page design.

For example, instead of stuffing everything on a landing page, simplify the message to make visitors want more. Having too many details on one page will lead to information overload.

Use more space in your web pages to create to facilitate the smooth delivery of information. A lighter web design will also keep you from overwhelming users. With more consumers using their mobile devices, they find your website easy on the eyes.

One approach to consider is the flat design. After all, it uses simple shapes and combines monochromatic palettes with interesting geometrics. A flat web design will also increase your loading speed and improve user navigation.

2. Personalization and Accessibility

Personalized content is another website design trend leading to more conversions. This content type caters to the needs and behavior of your audience. Personalization puts you in a better position to gain the trust of your audience.

Using analytics, revisit the data concerning their past behavior. Identify the things they like most about your site. Check the types of content drawing the most number of engagements.

For your website functions, display the items customers viewed or saved recently. Make the frequently liked products more visible. For returning customers, highlight their abandoned carts to engage them to complete the transactions.

Complement personalized content with accessibility. Apply strong color contrasts between your backgrounds and texts. At the same time, drop low-context placeholder text and adapt labels and instructions with form fields.

Use focus indicators to help users in their keyboard navigation. Add rectangular outlines that highlight the links when visitors use their keyboard.

3. “Scrollytelling”

“Scrollytelling” or narrative visualization is another trend making waves. It makes content delivery more engaging by tying up a series of visual elements. The technique chronologically sequences these elements to deliver specific messages more effectively.

Through scrollytelling, users can go through content like reading a book. They can control and navigate personalized content at their own pace. In turn, they’ll enjoy a more immersive user experience.

Make sure to use sizeable texts and images when scrollytelling. Animating them also adds more value to its impact. Combine different techniques like dim-lit images, soft transitions, and large-scale typography to create more emotion.

4. Scavenger Hunts

More businesses will adopt web-based scavenger hunts. With the nature of web pages, you can incorporate scavenger hunts. Consider making visitors answer questions or search for clues to unlock pages.

They can search for hidden words from the site or a page exclusive to the scavenger hunt. Users may also decode or decipher elements or draw shapes to proceed.

The key is to turn the web page into a puzzle while providing hints and workarounds. As much as you want to make things more engaging, you don’t want to frustrate users with hard-to-solve puzzles.

For the application, use scavenger hunts to create more noise for a new product or service you plan to launch.

5. Load and Speed Time

Last but not least, loading and speed time remain kings in the technical aspect of web design. Users still want web pages to load in 2 seconds or less. If your site takes longer than that, 40% of consumers will leave your site and transfer to your competitor.

In turn, you lose website traffic and opportunities for sales conversions. Another downside of a slow loading time is it affects your site’s Google Search Page rankings. Google considers website page load time when ranking pages.

The slower the website, the lower it ranks on Google. Being at the bottom of search engines means fewer people will see your website.

Thankfully, you can use online tools like Lighthouse or Google PageSpeed Insights to check your website page speed optimization.

Choosing the Right Web Design Company

One of the keys to maximizing these website design trends is proper execution. Since you need to focus on your core business, hiring a trusted web design company will help you apply these techniques and strategies.

Find a web company that listens to your ideas. Even if they have tools to create engaging web pages, your inputs still play a crucial role in your success. A good company should be open to your ideas, considering you know more about your industry than they do.

Reputable web designers are also honest enough to tell you what’s wrong with your website. They’ll identify primary weaknesses and improve on your ideas if necessary.

Experience is another crucial factor to consider. Designers should have a solid track record in web design and a great portfolio. Request some case studies to see their previous works.

Check their website and see what their past clients say in the feedback section. Lastly, they should understand the value of conversions. Their end goal should be helping you make more customers through your website.

Designers don’t stop at making a beautiful website. Instead, they use strategies with the backing of scientific data.

Maximize Website Design Trends Now

Following these website design trends allows you to make a more engaging website. You can attract new clients and encourage existing ones to come back.

If improving your website is a tall order, we’ll gladly extend a helping hand. We offer website design services for big and small businesses.

Connect with us and request a free consultation. Let’s maximize these trends and increase your website conversions today.

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