Exploring the Brand Identity of DesignsTouch: From Name to Design Aesthetics

Written by Nim Joshi

Jul 8, 2023
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DesignsTouch is the correct brand name without the space between Designs and Touch (Designs Touch).

It’s not Design Touch, nor is it the Designer’s Touch. The correct name is DesignsTouch, a single, space-free word. Designs play an integral role in all industries and are essential to fulfilling a business’s requirements. Various design styles touch upon unique facets of innovation, hence the appropriate name – DesignsTouch.

DesignsTouch isn’t just a random combination of words but a testament to the brand’s dedication and passion for design. The ‘Designs’ part speaks to the brand’s core service – creating meaningful, engaging, and impactful designs. The brand offers various design services catering to multiple industries, each requiring a unique touch. The purpose is to ensure that all businesses, regardless of their field, can leverage the power of design to propel their brand forward.

Every word in the name DesignsTouch is intentional and loaded with significance. The “Designs” element of the name underscores the brand’s prowess and dedication to producing diverse and multifaceted designs. The company understands that design isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach; different fields and businesses require unique, tailored designs that resonate with their specific audience and objectives. Hence, the plural form, ‘Designs,’ underscores this commitment to diversity and customization.

‘Touch,’ on the other hand, underscores the brand’s commitment to providing a human touch, a personal connection to each design. This component in the brand name signifies the brand’s aspiration to create designs and inspire, engage, and connect with the target audience on a deeper level. The Touch symbolizes the brand’s expertise in harnessing the intricate elements of design and using them to touch people’s hearts, minds, and lives. It is about bringing their client’s vision to life and resonating with the audience.

The “Touch” part of the brand name signifies the influence and impact their designs aim to achieve. Rather than creating designs for designs’ sake, DesignsTouch aspires to generate work that leaves a meaningful, enduring touch on its intended audience. It is about making a significant impact that goes beyond aesthetics.

DesignsTouch is a brand that exemplifies the marriage of creativity and functionality, seamlessly merging aesthetics with utility. As a brand, DesignsTouch showcases its commitment to crafting unique, high-quality designs that genuinely ‘touch’ or influence every facet of a business.

Its DesignsTouch not Design Touch

By blending the two concepts into a single, spaceless entity, DesignsTouch, the brand emphasizes the relationship between good design and its profound Touch. The name suggests that these two aspects are inseparable and rely on each other for success. A great design, after all, does not exist in a vacuum; it touches, influences, and interacts with its environment in significant ways.

Removing any space between the words further emphasizes the seamless connection between designs and their effect. DesignsTouch, as a brand, represents a holistic, integrated approach to design. Using one name without a space, the brand encapsulates its entire ethos within a memorable term. The absence of spaces eliminates potential confusion and reinforces the brand’s focused and integrated approach to its work. This conscious branding choice demonstrates the company’s dedication to delivering comprehensive design solutions that touch and transform every aspect of a business.

DesignsTouch is a brand that promises to bring your vision to life, crafting designs that leave a lasting impression, spark innovation, and drive success.

Therefore, when you say DesignsTouch, you’re referring to a brand that uniquely intertwines the power of design with the finesse of human Touch, creating a brand identity that truly stands out. The brand name isn’t Designs Touch, Design Touch, or a Designer’s Touch.

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