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We develop impactful social media services to improve visibility and increase engagement with the target audience, which drives business growth.

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Social Media Management Services and Social Media Marketing Strategies to Increase Your Brand Recognition

DesignsTouch is a leading Social Media Marketing & Social Media Management Agency serving small businesses, government agencies, nonprofit organizations, and enterprise businesses.

We are a solution-driven Social Media Management Agency. We help businesses to make timely & direct contact with customers through Social Media Marketing Strategies.

At DesignsTouch, our Social Media team will analyze your company’s digital footprint and create engaging, shareable content to beef up your social media profiles with ongoing branded posts on social media platforms,  industry news, articles, videos, and blog posts.

Nim and his team are wonderful to work with! They manage our social media platforms at Life Navigators and offer us a tremendous nonprofit rate for their services. When we started working with them, they took the time to learn about our brand to ensure that they could adequately promote our services. They continue trying to build their relationship with us and are always available when we need them. We recently used

I highly recommend their team!

Amanda Stahmann

Marketing & Development Director, Life Navigators

Why Does Your Business Need Social Media Marketing?


Social Media is among the most effective marketing mediums for startups and small businesses.

Social Media is the new Word of Mouth. Social Media allows spreading the news about products, services, or businesses from hundreds of millions of people with just the click of a button.

Social Media Marketing aims to create awareness & improve engagement to increase online sales when combined with other online marketing channels; it multiples consumers to reach fivefold.

Social Media Marketing Services

The most popular Social Media channels:


Facebook was the first social network to connect billions of people. It has forever changed how people communicate, potentially on a global scale. 44% of the U.S. population gets news through social media. Make your reach far & wide by utilizing Facebook SMM today.


Under the Facebook umbrella, Instagram, also known as IG or Insta, is an SMM platform that allows users to upload & share pictures & videos. Its “Stories” feature makes posts accessible for 24 hours, & 500 million people per day use it. Use Instagram Stories for that ultra-exclusive one-day-only offer for your customers while showcasing your products via photo.


Owned by Microsoft, LinkedIn is a business—and employment-oriented networking site mainly used by professionals and includes job recruiting aspects. This SMM channel has a global reach of 610 million members.


Known as “tweets,” you have 280 characters to speak to your audience using Twitter, a popular news-oriented social networking platform. Anyone can read your messages, & users can share or ‘retweet’ your company’s message, allowing your loyal customers to promote for you. Twitter has 321 million monthly active users.


Described as a “catalog of ideas,” Pinterest is an SMM platform that inspires users to try something new. Promote what your company offers via this site through an image, GIF, or video post. Pinterest has 291 million monthly users.

What are Social Media Marketing benefits?



Direct Contact

Make timely & direct contact with your end customers with Social Media Marketing, a low-cost, high-efficiency digital marketing platform.



Customer engagement empowers consumers & builds loyalty. Customers love to get information regarding your brand’s products & services from other customers who have already had real-life experience with your business.


Customer Service

Having enhanced relationships with your customers means you will be better able to recognize & solve their problems. Reinforce satisfaction among existing customers with SMM for customer retention.



Information circulation increases customer awareness by allowing the exchange of information, opinions, attitudes, & even purchase & post-purchase behavior. Make consumers familiar with your image to increase online sales.



Protect your brand image and build equity in your firm. Reach senior management and other third-party influencers who will refer your brand to the public.


Positive Impact

Social media has a positive impact on staff morale, & it can make staff recruitment a breeze.

Our Social Media Marketing Process

Social Media Marketing is substantially different from other forms of digital media, & it is bringing in a paradigm shift in marketing. However, like all our other services, we start planning your campaign by discerning your objectives, allowing us to set key performance indicators (KPIs) for later evaluation. We will encourage you to set SMART goals, meaning each aspiration is specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, & time-bound. For example, if your business aspiration is to drive leads & sales, then your SMM goal will be to increase conversions over the next month. & track this by scrutinizing metrics, otherwise known as KPIs, such as website clicks, email signups, & more.

Next, we will learn about your audience, putting ourselves in their shoes to contemplate how they will use your SMM site, what they will ‘like’ & share, and who is in that audience, such as Baby Boomers or Millenials.

Then, we move on to a competitive analysis, learning what your competitors are doing, what is working or not working for them, and how the target market responds. Then, we take those same steps and apply them to your current SMM strategy.

Finally, we will set up new accounts & improve your existing ones. We will determine which networks to use & how to use them.


User-generated content tends to have an even more significant impact on profits than firm-generated content. An added benefit of the tools we use to collect data once your campaign has launched comes from using Google Analytics. There is a parallel collection of data across all your digital marketing platforms to save time & money.


We will evaluate the impact of SMM on your investment. Media Measurement Standards are used to generate KPIs & metrics used to measure your organic growth.

We will analyze the data to assess organic growth and explore the data to make more effective managerial decisions within your company. The data will be posted daily, weekly, or monthly, depending on your business goal.

We do deep research for your social media marketing.

Before we get started, we conduct comprehensive research regarding your business, current digital presence, and goals.

We create an easy to understand strategy.

Before we get started, we conduct comprehensive research regarding your business, current digital presence, and goals.

We execute each task passionately.

Our Social Media Team loves social media; it is the only thing they do. Hence, ensure we do our best when working on your social media accounts.

A consistent approach.

Social media marketing is a long-term job, and we understand its importance. We’ll provide quality work consistently at every step.

We provide reliable and quick communication.

We value our clients and have long-term relationships. We provide reliable and fast communication, so you’re always worry-free.

We analyze and improve

Our social media experts monitor performance by using analytics and tracking tools. We will adjust and adapt to trends, new technology, and updates and monitor content performance.

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