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DesignsTouch, an award-winning website design company, serves web design in Kenosha, WI—custom industry-leading web design for Kenosha businesses.

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Are you looking for a Web Design service in Kenosha, Wisconsin? DesignsTouch, an award-winning website design company, serves web design in Kenosha, WI—custom industry-leading web design for Kenosha businesses. DesignsTouch specializes in custom web design, digital marketing, and search engine optimization (SEO) for web design in Kenosha, Wisconsin.

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Located on Lake Michigan, Kenosha, Wisconsin, is home to more than 100,000 people. The population of the Kenosha area continues to grow, and there are several reasons why many reside in this great city. Locals and visitors alike frequent attractions, including the Kenosha Public Museum, which houses giant skeletons and an impressive model of a Native American village. The Dinosaur Discovery Museum is also home to a spectacular display of dinosaurs.

Aside from historical activities, you’ll love Kenosha because there are plenty of other things to see and do. The area is also culturally rich, with music and festivals galore. For nature lovers, there are so many parks that you should visit. At DesignsTouch, we are proud to serve this thriving community.

Why Choose DeisgnsTouch in Kenosha, Wisconsin, for Web Design Services?

The designsTouch team includes content writers, consultants, and programmers who will establish your business’s distinctive and persuasive web presence.

Do you know what web design and development are? Do you know that a website designer’s job differs from a website developer’s?

We’re happy to provide answers to those questions. You want a new website or a website redesign. Understanding their roles and how they differ is an excellent first step in determining what you will need.

A web designer has many responsibilities but is ultimately responsible for designing the site’s visual appearance, layout, and usability. A highly skilled web designer is creative in graphic and technical abilities. A practical design strategy should be evident in the web design examples provided to clients. Professional web design and development go hand in hand.

Aside from utilizing strategic techniques, including scope, a website’s focal point, or purpose, a web designer should design the interface to capture the visitor’s attention.

The web design process begins during an initial consultation. The customer and the web designer exchange ideas, which then progress from a wireframe to a mock-up and, finally, the final design. However, the customer continues to be part of the editing process throughout these stages.

Upon completing the creative process of enterprise website design projects, the perfect website, including icons, typography, and other features that make up a website, comes to life.

Now you better understand what’s involved when people search for website design near me. We want to share some other roles by utilizing quality web designing software, staying up with the current design trends, and keeping branding in mind during the process. A few responsibilities a web designer should implement are ensuring the website is easy to read.

As for web developers, they make up the website design company’s other essential component. A web developer essentially takes the baton from the web designer. They take what the web designer has done to create a live website using coding languages and several software types. There are two subcategories for web developers: front-end and back-end developers. We won’t get too deep into this topic, but want to list what front-end and back-end developers do.

The front-end developers use three main languages: Hypertext Markup Language (HTML), JavaScript (JS), and Cascading Style Sheets (CSS).

Back-end developers control server data and requests, essential if the website contains dynamic data that must be saved for future access. Dynamic data requires a database connection, which can be made possible by establishing a direct relationship with the server. To create this connection, a back-end developer must use several computer languages, such as PHP and When writing a database query, they must also use SQL or MySQL.

Now that you understand a web developer’s job, it is good to understand their web design business role. These can also be broken down into front-end and back-end developers’ jobs.

The specific responsibilities of a front-end developer include the following:


Building the interface that interacts with the website by using HTML, CSS, and JS


Allowing the development process to go faster through the use of applications such as JS, libraries, and frameworks


Enabling the back-end developers to create and implement a dynamic website by using markup design

To create the backbone of a website, back-end developers’ primary role is to use MySQL and PHP languages. However, the front-end and the back-end developers use the Integrated Development Environment (IDE). It is a software application tool that allows the website to code and build.

Versioning tools also provide a history of the website’s previous builds. These tools help make it faster and easier to return to an earlier version if something or someone accidentally breaks the website’s current performance.

What is Website Design?

When discussing website design’s meaning, you refer to its design as it will appear online. Typically, this term refers to the various aspects affecting a user’s experience. In other words, it has very little to do with software development.

What is the best website design? It fulfills its functions, which means that engaging your visitor also conveys your intended message. Several factors need consideration, including typography, functionality, images, and consistency. These things must be taken into account as part of a great design.

Several factors contribute to someone’s perception of a website. With a well-designed website, visitors will be comfortable engaging with the site. It starts with optimizing your website for usability. You always want to ensure that your website meets your visitors’ needs, meaning every web page must have a clear intention for your users to follow, and everything must function smoothly.

There are several reasons why someone may choose to visit a website. One is to seek out practical information, and the other is for entertainment or buying a product.

The professional business website’s primary goal should be to describe your business’s expertise, build its reputation, generate new leads, increase sales, and open up another communication line between you and a potential customer.

cms nonprofit website design

Creating a simple user experience is the best way to accomplish all these purposes. These include ensuring that it’s easy for visitors to navigate and use your website. When it comes to your website design, there are many ways in which you can accomplish this.

Color is a more powerful element than one may think when communicating messages and evoking emotions. Finding your brand’s color palette will help influence how your new and current customers react to your brand, mainly when you use complementary colors. Brand color consistency encourages visitors to interact with your small business website.

Typography plays a vital role in your website. It commands attention and acts as your brand’s visual interpretation. Your website’s typography needs to use at least three different legible typefaces.

Your web design’s most visible imagery includes photographs, illustrations, videos, and other graphics. It would be best to use expressive imagery that captures your company’s spirit and embodies your brand’s personality. Imagery is important because your site’s visitors’ first information will consume visuals, and the first impression is everything. Using high-quality images makes you look credible and professional.

Another vital element of your website is your website’s navigation and how your viewers interact with your website. If your navigation is confusing, visitors leave and go to another site to do business. ECommerce websites need well-organized and straightforward navigation for easy navigation and user engagement.

When you’re searching for good examples of website design, they all use an F-shaped pattern. Eye-tracking surveys have discovered that this is the most common way people scan pages for information. Here, what most people see will be in the top left corner. It works well because it also mimics how most people read.

Your website layout must be grid-based, which will help with your site’s structure and organization. The grid helps align the various elements of a page in a clean, orderly fashion. With a grid-based layout, you have a clean structure with columns and sections aligned in a balanced way, tidy, and aesthetically pleasing, something you should strive for when creating a medium or large business website.

When a user searches for a website design near me, her website must have an excellent visual hierarchy to get found. It depends on how you lay out elements based on their importance. There are ways you can achieve this. For instance, you can establish a focal point so visitors know where to find your website’s most important information. Great aesthetics and great content go together. You can convert more leads into customers by using clear language and providing great content that appeals to them.

While all these things are essential, you’ll likely lose visitors if your website doesn’t load quickly. Most people expect a website to load in less than two seconds. If your website doesn’t load within three seconds, that can be a problem. Optimize your image size using web design software to keep your load time fast.

These days, most people browse the web with their mobile devices, so it’s crucial to build your website with a responsive theme. Responsive websites adjust to various screen sizes.

Process of the Best Website Design

The process of designing a website has become easier over the years. Now, various web design software and tools are available to help. Advancements in technology have also made it easier for companies to provide their customers with software solutions.

Today, most companies require professional, well-designed websites for their customers. Web designers must use the right web platform, tools, and software to create these websites. Newly available software allows them to create websites without writing lengthy code lines.

With many web design tools available today, creating new, unique, exciting design ideas is easy. These tools are the foundation for building and transforming your ideas into reality. No single tool handles the whole process, even with all the available software types. That is why website designers and developers have an essential role to play. They understand how to use various software types to create a professional toolkit to make an excellent website for you. Even with all the available tools, effort and skill are still necessary, and this is why it’s still in your best interest to hire a professional to design your website for you.

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DesignsTouch is a professional website design company proud to serve various industries in Kenosha, Wisconsin. Our talented designers are standing by, waiting to build a website, especially for your brand. Throughout the year we’ve been in business, we’ve gained great recognition within the web design community. However, we take the most pride in the excellent customer service we provide each of these customers. We meet deadlines and communicate with our customers in a way that’s easy for them to understand. At the same time, we also strive to bring your vision to life. So, when you’re ready to start your website design project, View our work or call us at 262-417-7044.

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