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Search Engine Optimization Strategies to Improve Visibility Online.

SEO Services for more traffic and leads to your site. SEO – search engine optimization strategy with keyword research and content updates to get your business found easily online.

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Strategic Search Engine Optimization- SEO Services improve online visibility.

A custom SEO strategy focuses on-page and off-page SEO, including keyword research and content development, to help your business find you online.

What is SEO (Search Engine Optimization)?

SEO monitors & supports algorithmic search results to herd traffic to your site by decreasing (from 5th to 1st) your rankings on search engine results pages (SERPS) by utilizing keyword research strategies, resulting in more conversions & new customers for your business.

Search Engine Optimization-SEO Imagine your company’s main product is organic vegetables. Your target market will search for your product using keywords like “Where to buy organic vegetables near me.” SEO aims to ensure SERPs include your company at the top of the list.

To guarantee you get noticed, & your site gets hits when internet users search for these keywords. When we achieve this, the goal is to get more customers and conversions and have people in your geographic region talking about your products & your company.

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Why focus on SEO (Search Engine Optimization) in your company?

The value of SEO is becoming more & more evident as the years roll on. In the last few years, reputable researchers stated that 82% of marketers confirm that SEO effectiveness has grown. This statistic impacts you because it means your competitors are likely to engage in the process. Therefore, to achieve & sustain a competitive advantage, SEO needs to be a priority for your business, as it is for most of your competition.

Search Engine Optimization-SEO

Site SEO audit that includes a competitive review and keyword research. To build a project plan that has a clear plan for success:


Technical SEO

On-page optimization & internal linking is set up to increase rankings


Landing page

Landing page creation and optimization are put in place for each keyword.

Link Building

Monthly link building and content outreach takes place in order to augment ranking growth


Content Marketing

Monthly link building and content outreach takes place in order to augment ranking growth

Our SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Process and Steps

The best way to grow your customer base online is through organic search engine optimization, where you can increase your business’s online visibility, gain more leads, customers, traffic, and revenue, and maximize ROI.  You can establish a solid digital presence by applying our specially revised and proven strategies that have helped businesses go digital.

Target Market Discovery

Website Analysis: Also known as an SEO audit. Peruse your existing site to pinpoint what is working & what is not. Using such tools as Google Analytics to perform a baseline ranking assessment and the following list of factors:

  • Top channels
  • Traffic volume
  • Behavior & conversions
  • Most popular landing pages & page titles
  • Overview of keywords
  • Search engines send the most traffic.
  • Exit pages.
  • Bounce rates
  • Site speed
  • Effectiveness of search options within your site
  • Mobile vs. tablet vs. desktop traffic

These details will help the website’s effectiveness for the SEO strategy while spotting opportunities & risks.

Competitive Business Analysis

Part of the initial discovery process includes understanding competitors, the strategies they use, & their rank in SERPs. Knowing what we are up against & what we must overcome by securing & deploying innovative SEO strategies is fundamental to ensuring your company rises above your competitors in the search engine rankings.


Keyword Research & Nomination

To determine appropriate targeted search terms for your company & products or services, we begin by asking ourselves, what would one type find your business & website in a search engine? For example, DesignsTouch’s target audience will search for “how to implement SEO” or “SEO providers near me.” Then, by using keywords specific to whatever you are selling, we will have the basis for the keywords & phrases which search engine algorithms will use to discover, crawl, & index your web page visibility.

Whether you desire to create a website from scratch, improve your existing one, or your in-house marketing team needs SEO guidance, choose DesignsTouch to perform a successful search engine optimization strategy.


Keyword Development

Strategy for Keyword Development: Utilize keyword research strategies to provide realistic projections & forecasts of the opportunities in your market.

The research will reveal a comprehensive list, including search engine queries. Many websites compete for each keyword’s common misspellings and helpful information to ensure your target market lands on your business’ relevant pages. We will place prominent keywords in title tags, meta tags, page copy, page titles, alt attributes, and URLs.


Strategy for the Content Marketing

With Google and other search engines focusing on content, only original content on your website can help achieve higher rankings. Google always emphasizes quality backlinks as a significant factor of their algorithms, but recently they announced that content is the ‘King’ and Content is the primary factor for rankings.

The ‘Content is King’ trend is expected to be the same in the upcoming years. We create a unique content strategy in blogs, news articles, Autographic, and more and get them posted on websites. If the current site does not have a content management system, we’ll create and customize the content management system to match the website.


Quality Analysis

Keeping up with competitors will require regular updates and testing for performance.

Our developers manage these platforms to ensure they always function correctly and efficiently. We value the feedback, ratings, and reviews the app receives from users, as it gives us a gauge of the audience’s needs.

Working out any issues or bugs within the app is a critical way to show that you are always listening to your customers and striving to provide them with an optimal experience.

Our team regularly provides quality assurance checks to maintain your site and adjust when necessary. From technical glitches to updates, we manage your site long after its initial development and help you surpass competitors within your industry.

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