The Importance of Social Media for Nonprofits

Written by Nim Joshi

Jul 10, 2022
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If your nonprofit organization does not have a social media presence, it’s time to get one. Learn today why social media for nonprofits is so important.

Did you know less than 50 percent of nonprofits use digital marketing? Social media advertising can help spread the word about your nonprofit. If you need help with social media marketing, keep reading.

This guide will teach you about the importance of social media for nonprofits. Spread the word about your nonprofit, connect with other charities, and boost volunteer engagement.

Ready to learn more? Keep reading.

social media for nonprofits

Tell Stories on Social Media

Most charities will connect with supporters or stakeholders through the story they tell.

When you create content for your social media platforms, share compelling stories. You can do so through images, text, or video.

Share stories that reveal how the founders began the charity. You could also interview the volunteers and ask why they connected with your charity.

Tell a story about a recent fundraising activity. Did you host an auction and solicit donations from businesses and charities? Share a live stream video where you talk to a local business owner.

Storytelling will improve people’s understanding of your charity. You will also help make your activities appear more transparent.

You Can Spread the Word About Your Nonprofit

A social media platform’s purpose is to share information through a network.

People will see something they like or connect with and send it to their family or friends. Their friend will end up reposting it, and the cycle continues.

Create compelling content to spread the word about your charity’s goal. People across the world could become aware of your charity.

Social media platforms help to put your content in front of new people. Some charities will pay for ads to expand their reach.

Continue to Engage With Your Community

Organizations with a committed following will succeed. Volunteers, members, donors, and patrons are behind the success of a charity’s mission.

As a nonprofit, you might already have a group of engaged supporters. You want to keep your community in the loop. Connect with your community by maintaining regular communications.

Let your community know what upcoming events they should add to their calendar. Report your progress on a project or share about challenges or successes.

A social media platform will let you do this throughout the week. Provide updates for your followers. Either hire someone or give this project to a volunteer.

Let people have the ability to like your posts, share, or comment. It provides a two-way communication street between your supporters and your charity.

An engaged supporter will become a representative of your charity. They will encourage others to learn about the charity, as well.

You Can Attract New Donors or Volunteers

Engaged online communities will often create real-world connections. You might receive a message from a donor because they saw your charity post from a friend.

Other organizations on social media want to get involved in their community. You can begin relationships with these organizations and share about upcoming volunteer opportunities.

Do some of your followers work for a large corporation? They might ask their employer if they could take a day off to volunteer with your charity. An entire department will volunteer to cook a meal for those in need.

Don’t miss out on connecting with a network of potential donors and volunteers. Keep spreading the word about your nonprofit through social media advertising.

Connect With Other Related Nonprofits

Does your nonprofit encourage people to lessen their carbon footprint or recycle? Use your social media platforms to connect with others who do similar work. Promote their posts, and begin making liaisons.

You can leave comments or repost the nonprofit’s upcoming events. The other nonprofit might end up returning the favor.

You Can Inspire People to Act

Encourage people in your community to take steps to support your nonprofit. You can share a link to an upcoming march or marathon on social media.

Ask your audience to reach out to politicians. Invite local community leaders to your events, and ask them to give a speech.

Connect with other nonprofits in your area, and determine how you can work together.

Remain Consistent When Using Social Media

To use social media, you must remain consistent with your content. It would be best if you got into the habit of sticking to a content schedule. Managing your social media platforms is critical.

Post similar content across your different platforms, and maintain a similar tone. You want to promote your brand and establish loyalty among your followers.

It would help if you also spent time analyzing what’s working and what isn’t. Analyze your social media campaigns or posts. What strategies seem to perform better than others?

You can use software to analyze the content or research your social media strategy. Remain mindful of your audience and how they responded to previous campaigns.

It would be best if you also made sure someone responds to comments or answers questions. People will reach out to you on social media platforms to learn more about volunteer opportunities.

Social Media for Nonprofits Is Vital

Social media for nonprofits can spread the word and engage with your followers. People will often hear about a volunteer opportunity through social media.

Make sure you have someone committed to working on a social media marketing strategy. You don’t want to post once a week. Make sure you maintain an active presence online.

You can connect with new volunteers or donors through social media.

Need help with digital marketing? Contact us today if you don’t have time to focus on your social media marketing. We would love to help you develop a strategy.

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