Why Logo Designs are Important for Your Business

Written by Nim Joshi

Oct 13, 2021
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Importance of Logo Designs for Business

If we were to ask you to think of a brand whose logo features red and white lettering, we’re willing to bet you’d have one iconic company in mind in a matter of seconds. The Coca-Cola logo that you just thought of is recognized by about 90% of the population worldwide.

So, why is it that everyone and their dog could point out this brand without hesitation? Because they’ve utilized key logo designs to ensure you not only remember but love their brand.

This brand recognition is a perfect example of the impact having the right logo design can have on your business. That’s right – even your small company can evoke emotion and create a memorable brand with just your simple logo design.
You must be wondering how you could achieve such results? Follow along to discover the importance of having an impressive logo for your brand and how to turn your business logo ideas into reality.

The Importance of Great Logo Designs for Your Business

Your logo is the most viewed element of your brand. It features your business cards, takes up prime real estate on your website, and is likely the image you use for your social media accounts.
Your logo’s combination of color, image, and text represents your company. But what’s more, it taps into your customer’s emotional response to build a stronger, more personal connection. Here’s how your logo makes this impact:

Captures Attention

First things first, your logo acts as a stand-out element to capture a consumer’s attention and stop them in their tracks.
Imagine if you were to print a business card without a logo. With nothing left but your contact details and website, the card would be pretty darn boring. And what do people do with ‘boring’ content? They throw it away.
By using a logo across your platforms, you’ll create a reason for people to stop, take in your design, and evaluate your company.

Makes a Great Impression

Next, your logo is the element that will foster a great first impression. When a consumer sees your brand for the first time, they take note of your logo. They then use that impression to determine whether or not they can trust your company.
Most consumers aren’t aware they judge your logo; however, they build an emotional connection to your brand. It’s then your job to ensure that emotional connection is positive.
A great logo can make a consumer feel connected, secure, and at ease. However, a poorly designed one can put them off of your brand and send a message of unprofessionalism.

Foundation of Brand Identity

As we mentioned above, you’ll use your logo in a multitude of settings. Repetition is so important because logo familiarity will be the identity that people associate with your brand.
A logo gives your company a voice before you even get a chance to speak. With this in mind, you’ll need business logo ideas that reflect who you are as a brand and the values you hold. Failure to represent your values in your logo designs will lead to customers misinterpreting your brand.

Makes You Memorable

Repetition is key when it comes to memorability. It’ll take multiple exposures to your brand before your customers truly remember your name. However, a great logo design significantly increases your chances of being remembered.
Even if consumers can’t recall your name, they are more likely to recognize your logo and use it as a landing point to remember their experience.

Helps You Stand Out

With memorability in mind, using a unique logo design can help you stand out among your competitors. Your unique logo can also ensure customers choose you as their trusted provider.
With the correct elements, the emotional connection you evoke with your logo will make choosing your company irresistible.

Fosters Brand Loyalty

Humans love familiarity. We love seeing people we know, products we’ve tried and enjoyed, and, yes, recognizing a trusted brand.

When we see a logo representing a company we trust, we get a warm, fussy feeling that makes us want to return to them. That’s why logos work so well for encouraging loyalty. Once we recognize that company and have that emotional bond, we’re more inclined to trust them again rather than gambling on a new brand.

Your Audience Expects It

Finally, your audience expects your company to have a solid logo design. Our eye searches for logos to let us know a company is legit and remind us where to go when we’re ready to repurchase.
Your website, business card, social media, and whatever other streams of publicity you have would look strange, unprofessional, and out of place without a solid logo design.

How to Design Your Logo for Success

Now that you know the importance of a great logo design, it’s time to launch your logo designs for success.
Here are the key elements you’ll need to bring your business logo ideas to life.


The typography you choose should be the first element that reflects your values and gives voice to your brand. A great way to narrow your font down is to keep your target audience in mind and evaluate what would send an emotional message to those viewers.

For example, if you sell delicates for women, you likely don’t want to use a font that looks masculine and boxy. Instead, you want that font to remind them of your product details, so they associate your brand with that pretty, feminine feeling.


Next, you’ll want to weigh out your logo color options to choose a brand color that will carry your entire branding campaign.
Color psychology can play a significant role in sending the right message to your consumers. The right colors create those first twigs of the association before they even get to your text and imagery.

Iconic Element

Finally, you’ll need an iconic element to stand out. Your iconic element is usually a simple image that your consumers will recognize and remember with ease.

Think of the Nike swoosh or the big yellow M for McDonald’s. These can be tricky to create. Working with a great logo design company can help you nail down your iconic element to increase your chances of making an impactful impression.

Logo Designs Made Easy

No question designing your logo can be a challenging task. Fortunately, with the correct elements and help from the experts, your brand can experience the incredible impact that great logo designs can have.

Ready to get started with your logo designs but don’t know where to start? Get in touch with us today to take advantage of the best business logo ideas to help your business thrive.

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