Benefits of choosing CMS for government website design

Written by Nim Joshi

Aug 24, 2019

August 24, 2019

1. Administrators of all experience levels can use a good CMS.

CMS Website Government.

Local governments must be able to quickly & easily share information with the public, as we live in a society that expects & demands continuous access to the latest news, especially when it comes to emergencies. Traffic, weather, election results, & other time-bound tidbits must be readily exchangeable. Allow your administrators the power to regularly update notifications, post relevant materials, & explain procedures. By implementing a CMS that is easy to use & update (even for non-technical staff), you will save countless time & ultimately, resources & money.

2. You will ensure the preservation of content & design.

An intuitive CMS will house content & design separately. For example, when set with appropriate permissions, each feature will allow any website administrators to shape content with no fear of mistakenly making a change to the overall design of the site.

3. Compliance is key.

Use the proper CMS to avoid raising legal issues between citizens & municipalities. It is imperative that your government website provides the capabilities needed to make sure the content is accessible to all. Ultimately, that requires complying with Section 508 of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) & other guidelines.

4. Get peace of mind with security & liability.

Cyber attacks are on the rise, so protect your local government websites from data breaches & other exposures to unnecessary risks. A secure CMS can reduce your liability for any loss or theft of information stolen from your site. Ask us about disaster recovery, DDoS attacks, recovery time objective, & recovery point objective. Your agency’s reputation could be on the line.

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