Secure website and increase organic traffic by adding a SSL and migrating to https

Written by Nim Joshi

Sep 20, 2019

September 20, 2019

 Google started in October 2017 to label all HTTP pages as ‘Not Secure’ in Chrome. Chrome will mark HTTP pages as insecure. Google highlights that this will apply to any page. It is estimated that 63% of web traffic to HTTP websites on Chrome will be affected.


What is HTTPS?

HTTPS: HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure (SSL). SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) enables the secure browsing of the website. Https protocol builds a secure connection between the website and users, Adding the SSL will help to prevent the intrusion, exploitation, malware & website hack issues.

Https provides data encryption and by applying https ensures that hackers cannot track activities or steal sensitive information entered by users.

Why should you Migrate to https:// and add the SSL SSL (Secure Sockets Layer)?


1. Security & Users Trust

HTTPS helps prevent hackers, malware attacks, intrusions, and secure your user’s privacy. It blocks the exploitation of Images, cookies, scripts, and other elements of the website. HTTPS protects sensitive information entered by the client through form fields on your website. HTTPS ensures that your website gets a green signal on browsers, ensuring that your website is secure against threats and exploits.
HTTPS sites are trustworthy in the eyes of users and browsers. The https:// security protocol boosts the integrity of your website.

2. HTTPS Helps Organic Rankings

Google has confirmed https:// as a ranking signal to make the internet safe and secure. The addition of https:// will lead you to the top rankings over your competition. It is essentially a part of technical SEO.

3. SSL is Must for AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages)

Https is a must for Accelerated Mobile Pages which is the emerging trend in mobile searches. Mobile searches surpassed other pursuits, and Google gives top priority to AMP pages for mobile search. AMP enables the creation of websites and ads that are consistently fast, beautiful, and high-performing across devices and distribution platforms. AMP pages cannot accept data without an https protocol.

Why DesignsTouch for Migrating to https:// and adding an SSL

Migrating to https needs expertise in coding, technical SEO, Google Search Console, and other tools. When you request your hosting provider to install an SSL certificate, they will install the SSL certificate for the domain. It does not make your entire site secure. Proper planning, implementation, and tracking are essential for a successful migration. DesignsTouch has the expertise in coding, technical SEO, Google Search Console, and have migrated many websites to https.

SSLTechnical Migration https

DesignsTouch SEO https:// and SSL installation details:

  • Install SSL Certificate – We Purchase(included in the rate- no extra fee) the SSL certificate and install it on your webserver
  • Update htaccess, web config files for forced https using 301
  • Update all 301 redirects configured earlier.
  • Update links in 404 pages and HTML sitemaps
  • Replace all absolute links with https for files, images, canonicals, schema, stylesheets, jquery, scripts, web fonts, open graph, plugins
  • Verify the https version of the website in GSC (Google Search Console) for both www & not www versions
  • Create a new XML sitemap with https version and update it on GSC
  • Update Robots.txt
  • Set preferred domain to https version in GSC
  • Download disavow file from the HTTP version and upload it to https version inapplicable.
  • Test with “Fetch as Google” and for “OK” server response

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