Why small business must have a professional website

Written by Nim Joshi

Aug 27, 2019

August 27, 2019

What is the Importance of the professional website for the small business?

A well-designed web site is a great tool giving potential customers an alternative route to find your business’s information about the services or products. In today’s digital world, a company must have a website to promote business. How your competitors are getting more sales than you? Your competitors have something you do not, a website. More business owners now realize just how important having a website for their business. Not having a website could be affecting your business’s growth. It is unfair to new small businesses to pay thousands of dollars for a professionally designed website. However, no more paying hefty charge for a professional website as DesignsTouch committed to working within your website design budget. Our goal is a website for every business in Racine, Kenosha, Milwaukee, southeastern Wisconsin, and, with the price tag, every business can afford it.

Get found – The website should be optimized for search to help you get found online.

Build trust – Your website is a critical element in building trust. Once a person arrives on your website, it needs to validate their challenges. Your site requires to function the way your customers need it to and expect it to.

Educate – Your website should teach people how to recognize what their problems and challenges are.

Inform – Once a person has found you and trusts you, you need to inform them of how you can solve their problems.

Nurture – Often, people need to come back to your website numerous times before making a purchase. Capture their email address and continue to create valuable content that is relevant to their stage in the customer journey to nurture them through to the sale.

Convert – A conversion can be many things from subscribing to a newsletter, to calling you, to purchasing on your website. Conversion opportunities need to be an element of the design of your homepage to help guide the journey.


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