7 Important Digital Marketing Tips for 2022

Written by Nim Joshi

Dec 26, 2021
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Here are the 7 Important Digital Marketing Tips for 2022

With the new year right around the corner, there are several things to know when it comes to growing your company. Here are our best digital marketing tips.

This year has gone by in a quick flash. It may seem like Halloween was just yesterday, but we’re approaching the beginning of 2022. That means that it’s time to revise your digital marketing strategies.

While traditional marketing is still essential, you will want to focus the bulk of your efforts in 2022 on digital marketing. We’re here with some helpful digital marketing tips to get you started.

Keep reading to learn more.

1. Remember Mobile Functionality

In 2022, it’s time to adopt a mobile-first approach if you haven’t already. Research suggests that by 2025, over 70% of people will use almost exclusively mobile devices to access the internet.

Mobile functionality helps you attract and retain customers and clients from both near and far. You can use local SEO to target people nearby using their phones to find services and standard SEO to target people worldwide.

When creating your website, you must remember to check what it looks like on a mobile device. More and more people are using tablets and smartphones to access the web. If your website isn’t functional for them, you’ll miss out on those potential customers.

Some people forget that mobile functionality extends beyond websites and social media pages. You also need to check your marketing emails and newsletters.

Suppose an email is missing photos or looks poorly formatted on mobile. In that case, you won’t have as much success with your email marketing strategy.

2. Use Influencer Marketing

People in the millennial and gen Z age groups don’t respond well to traditional advertising. Traditional paid ads can be effective on social media. Still, you’ll have far more success if you invest in influencer marketing.

With influencer marketing, you’ll use a social media figure with a large following (that consists of your target audience) to advertise your product or service.

Makeup companies tend to hire beauty bloggers, mobile game companies hire videogame streamers, and so on. Make sure you pick an influencer relevant to your product if you want good results.

3. Invest in Video Marketing

Video marketing has been the talk of the town for the past few years, and it’s not going away anytime soon. The rise of TikTok and the shift that other social media platforms are making to mimic its success. 2022 will be another year of competitive video marketing.

Videos tend to have more engagement than photos on social media. Keep them brief and entertaining, so you don’t “lose” viewers before the video ends.

4. Put the “Social” in Social Media

We must discuss the ” social ” aspect with all of this talk about social media, examining the “social” part. Yes, you’re using your social media pages as marketing tools, but that doesn’t mean you should forget their original purpose. Four hundred nine million new users have joined social media over the past year, and you want to take advantage of that.

Larger companies often forgo the social aspect of social media. Still, you can’t afford to do that as a small business owner. By adopting a “social” social media strategy, you’ll have an easier time connecting with potential customers and keep current customers coming back for more.

But how do you do this?

Make sure you have someone on your team who can quickly respond to social media comments and inquiries. Not every comment needs a response, but it’s important to be responsive when there’s a problem.

Show personality on your social media platforms. Your typed “personality” online is part of your overall brand image. You want your business to be personable.

If customers tag you on social media, consider reposting their content (with credit). It makes them feel more connected and lets other potential customers see that a real person enjoys your product or service.

Finally, consider hosting giveaways. Ask people to follow you, share your content, and comment (for engagement). It will attract more attention to your social media platforms.

5. Host Live Events

Speaking of giveaways, you should host more live events in 2022.

In 2020 and 2021, businesses had to scramble to figure out how to host events in a world where live events were no longer possible. Social media came to the rescue.

Live events hosted through the web are significant for connecting to potential customers. They allow you to be responsive to your viewers.

You can host giveaways, product showings, entertainment events, and more. Use live features on platforms like Instagram and Facebook.

6. Personalize Your Marketing 

We’ve talked a lot about connecting with your target market. Another way that you can genuinely relate to your customers is by personalizing your marketing.

People are more likely to open marketing emails about their interests. They’re also more likely to open these emails if they include the customer’s name.

Consider a pet supply company. They know that the user they’re targeting has bought supplies for birds in the past. Instead of generalizing marketing emails to all users about pets, they send emails about bird-related content and products.

It will pique the reader’s attention and bring them back to your site. They won’t have to feel annoyed by emails that don’t pertain to them.

7. Keep Content Marketing

If you’re already doing SEO content marketing, you’re on the right track. SEO isn’t going away in 2022, so it’s time for you to perfect it.

Longer articles are becoming more valuable. While short articles in the 500-word range are still helpful, you should focus on a few longer-form articles in the 1,000 to 1,500-word content this upcoming year.

Consider making interactive content and video posts alongside your company blog posts if you’re ready to diversify. These things will keep customers on your website for longer, which is excellent for SEO.

Try These Digital Marketing Tips in 2022

Digital marketing trends are constantly changing, but these tips should help you through the end of 2021 and well into 2022. In short, focus your time and energy on newer social media platforms, strategies, and innovative content marketing.

Which of these digital marketing tips will you apply first?

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